Here is our new ad for the summer !

Here is our new ad just in time for the summer ! Enjoy !

Poppers Coolers invites you to play


The Holiday festivies arrive soon! Between meal preparation, shopping for beverages, purchasing and wrapping gifts, Poppers Coolers invites you to enhance your party by organizing games. Here are some suggestions that we believe your guests will enjoy. You can play before or after the meal, while enjoying a good cooler Poppers.


The preparation is simple. You cut little pieces of paper on which you write a few situations (movie titles, events, characters, etc.). You deposit all the slips of paper in a box (you can use our Party Pack if you didn’t use it to wrap your gifts). During the evening, when the party is on, you take out the box and form several teams. To win, the teamates must guess more situations than the other teams. Laughs guaranteed!

Wrapped Gift

Who hasn’t played wrapped gift before? Young or not young, alternately, puts on large oven mitts and attempts to open a huge gift that contains a small gift. The person can only uses a spoon or a butter knife to help. The person who reach the gift is the winner.

Gift Thief

To play this game, all the guests should bring a small gift that they settle in the center of the room. To play, you need to have to card games. You mix the cards and distribute a whole package (without the Jokers) to all the guests. The game can now begin. You take the second package and draw a card. The person who owns this card can take the gift of his choice (or even steal another guest). What is fun with this game is to make the most beautiful packaging to create excitement about your gift.

Musical Costume

Play musical chairs is very pleasant, but sometimes, it could be very complicated when you have a lot of guests and a small room. So there is an alternative that is also very funny : the musical costume. It’s simple, you take a big bag filled with clothing of all kinds: toques, gloves, pants, sweaters, pajamas, etc. Be creative! When the music plays, people pass the bag to each other. When the music stops. the person with the bag in his hands must pick a piece of clothing and put in on. At the end, everyone is dressed and the result is pretty hilarious. We guaranteed nice memories!

And, for the wildest of all (Wild as our Poppers Wild ICE) and for evening with friends, we propose you to « spin the bottle ». You invite your guests to sit in a circle and you take an empty bottle of Poppers Wild ICE. The goal is simple, a person « spin » the bottle and the personne siting in front of the neck when the bottle stops must do the action propose. Of course, you have to play responsibly and propose funny actions without consequence for anyone.

Finally, Poppers Coolers wish you to have fun with family and friends for the Holidays. Please, drink responsibly!

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